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Saturday, June 21, 2014

An Idea Brought to Life!

Good Evening,
New Blog Post Y'all!  An Idea Brought to Life! That was way to formal for me! HI Y'all!!!!, After straightening up my room last night I started drawing out some ideas I had from window shopping online. I really needed to get those bulky papers out of my new sketch pad I was thrilled to find. I love summer and early fall as that is when all the cool patio stuff comes out.  I have been asking to fix ours up for a while now but he has his ideas of what is cool and I have mine. I want comfort and pretty, he wants durability so of course nothing has happened out there yet. Anyhoo, as I was drawing out some of the ideas onto my pad I started drawing this one and my mind flooded with which kits and collections I could use from I got most of it designed last night and then this morning at 4am I was wide awake with pretty Graphic 45 paper dancing in my head. Oh darn, I am not going to get back to sleep. I couldn't wait to get started.

The roof from Maple Manor was the first thing I thought of and oh yes I could use the Tall Gift box for the body and so on. I will try to make a legible list of the sizes you'll need to cut and whatnot at the bottom of this post. I put the tall gift box onto my virtual mat, then brought in the roof from the center tower of Maple Manor. I didn't want to mess to much with the size of the roof, as I did want this to be a pretty good size. I matched the score lines on the tall gift box with the score lines on the roof to size it correctly. Then I drew two rectangles one for the outside of the window and that would be the door size as well. Then the four little ones for the windows. If you use another program you might have a shapes menu you can get your rectangles from.  I use Designer addition of Silhouette to design in as it is super easy for me. It was not at first but I have had my machine about two years now and love it!
 Once I you've centered the rectangles, group and make a duplicate. Move your duplicate off the mat so if you screw up you have a copy of what you made in the first place. (experienced in screwing up)  Un-group and use the outer rectangle to make the doorway for the door later. Now subtract the 4 small rectangles from the tall box and voila you have your windows. Now that you have done that on all three sides and decided in the process which panel on the box you wanted for your door, use the set aside rectangle from the windows and subtract that from  your panel to make your doorway.  You will need to make it slightly smaller and I will put the measurements at the bottom of this post.  I put the small holes for the brads on the folded side of the box so I wouldn't have to mess with glued layers. Subtract those and then of course you made a copy of the circle right? Use that, to make the holes for on your door.
The door was the copy of the window frame and two small rounded rectangles welded to the frame to make the hinge. Since I know you made copies of your circles or wrote down your size you will use those to make the holes for the brads. Lay the door frame over the front of the cut out for the door so you can center the holes in the correct place before you subtract them from the door.
The rest is pretty easy now you will be cutting the shapes at the sizes I list. (if your at all interested in making this) When I woke up so early this am the beautiful paper from Graphic 45 Couture was dancing in my head. I knew I just had to use it but also knew it would be much stronger if I used a plain card stock as the base. I will list the size of the rectangle I made for the panels it is the same window frame but with the outer edge much larger.
I love the clasps that a lot of the new lanterns are closing with but haven't found anything like it yet I can use with paper.  I wanted something special and checked one of the files I used to make this for ideas. I saw the leaf and knew that was it. I glued three leaves together and then ran it through my big shot with the Cuttlebug paisley emboss folder. It still isn't very strong so I decided that it would be for looks mostly and I would not glue the lid(roof) in place so that the light could be put in and turned off that way. I used the spindle ornament from Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit as the top and glued the top to roof. I had two portions of the top that did not glue and that may have helped me smush it a bit to the top. The bottom is the face 1 piece from the Crate in Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit and the feet are from dresser in Call Me Later SVG Kit. The "gingerbread" piece on the front is label 1 in from Memory Garden SVG collection. I cut it down to about a 1/4 of the height with my knife tool. Cut 8 and glue two together then cut 8 Curly Swirly from Design Elements SVG Collection. Glue two each of those together and run through the paisley emboss folder. Glue the"gingerbread" unto the front and then center onto the crate front under your panels. The feet from the dresser were glued onto the crate face bottom, then once they were dry I glued it to the bottom of the tall box. I used the insert for the inside of the box to finish the look inside the lantern.  The panels for the roof were also embossed with the paisley folder. In the center of each curly swirly, I adhered a black rhinestone. There are three at the top on the knot of the twine as well.  That is lantern. I hope you like it and want to try your hand at making one. I would like to try one using the Botanical Garden paper as well from Graphic 45. I think you would get a whole different look. Thanks for stopping by, I hope this wasn't to long for y'all to read. Have a wonderful evening and Happy Craftin Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

SVG Kits and Collections Used:
Gift Boxes SVG Kit
Maple Manor SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
Design Elements SVG Collection
Memory Garden Designer Page SVG Kit

Supplies used:
Graphic 45 Card Stock: Couture Collection
American Craft Card Stock: Black
Hero Arts: Black Brads
Stampin up: Card Stock Vellum
Creative Charms: Black Rhinestones
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Sizes for cuts:
Tall Gift Box: W. 7.970 H 8.615
Bottom of tall box: W 7.915 H 3.654
Vellum: W 3.013 H 5.850
Center Tower Roof Maple Manor: W 9.988 H 10.745
Window Frame W 3.013 H 5.586
Inside Rectangles: W 2.429 H 5.254
Small Circles: 0.097
Crate Face 1: W 9.145 H 5.274
Dresser Feet: At the size they import
Spindle Ornament: W 6.139 H 5.229
Leaf: W. 1.116 H. 0.596
Curly Swirly: W 2.540 H 0.468
Label 1 cut down: W 3.685 H 0.797 
 Panel Frame: W 3.554 H 6.901


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  2. Love this idea and I love your lantern! Wish I could be this creative!

  3. I've been paper crafting for almost 4 years and it did take me a while to get to this place. Give yourself the much needed time and be happy we're you are you'll get ther😌 I have faith in your ability!