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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Trick

Mornin' Y'all,
It is 5:30 a.m. and I have been lying awake for about an hour already. Sometimes my mind just pops on in the wee hours of the morning and I can't shut it back off. Grab your cup of coffee, (Brown Sugar Cake this a.m, a gift from my daughter) and set with me a spell. I have a small story to tell you....

This amazing and wonderful thing has been happening with me and I know God is behind it all! I have been creating my own designs start to finish, all from scratch, as a friend put it. I am so excited to be learning a new way of creating and I have learned a bit of how to make a PDF. Ok, confession here, I didn't even know what PDF stood for. It stands for Portable Data File, tomorrow I may forget that but today I know.

 The first design I made you have already seen. It was the lantern one with stars and the other plain but large enough for you to put things in according to season. Another is not completed yet. I know when I can't quite get something right, it is because God has something else I need to learn first. Something I will used in my design that will help it come together perfectly. I have a couple of things I have done with that.  Some using SVG cuts and my new  lantern with feet that has an oriental feel to it.
This is how this latest project came about.
 I was putting together the trailer from Camp Firefly and this memory kept creeping back into my mind. At least I thought it was a memory, I wasn't sure I didn't dream it at one time. When in doubt ask mom, did we ever go camping in a tear drop trailer? The answer, yes we did. One time.  Dad and mom had never done that before and so had not ever backed a trailer into a driveway. She rented it came home with it and pulled into the driveway.  My dad had never backed a trailer either, in fact my mom had to have a trailer hitch welded to the back of our station wagon for us to rent it. Not ever having backed a trailer in before they couldn't do it so they never rented one again.
 Anyhoo, I only had the one memory of standing at a camping spot (mom says by a lake) cocking my head sideways and thinking, that looks AWFUL small! (says a 4 yr old catastrophic mind)  We had been told all three of us were going to sleep in that. My older brother myself and my twin brother! There was tiny window on the door and as far as my four year old mind could see, that was to small for me to sleep in! Well I remember mom opened the back and there was a shelf for cooking on, we crawled inside and to my great relief it wasn't so small inside for three little kids. (twin 4 year olds and a 6 yr old) I asked my mom if that was the fishing trip I caught my first fish (seriously tiny fish) she said no. Much to my chagrin they made me eat that fish! but that is another story. That is how this trailer came about and my special Father's Day Gift to my Dad.
I started with a memory and since my memory is not all that great I found a photo of a tear drop sleeper trailer like we had rented. Then I made the oval shape and started playing with the nodes. Those are the points that make the cut or that is my explanation anyhoo. I am sure Leo can explain it a lot better.  I have put together enough of Mary's wonderful projects over the years to sort of know what I needed to do from there. I saw a picture of one with the back open like my mom said it did and you cooked on the back. No stove but I think they must have used their Coleman cook stove like we have. The back on mine does go down the hinges slide inside and you can close the back. The side door opens and you can set the battery operated tea light inside about middle so it doesn't tip. I had cut the wheels and went off the paper a bit with my one wheel. That gave me the idea to cut off the very ends so it would stand. Crazy huh? Looking at the photo again I saw that it had fenders and that one came a little easier thanks to making enough of Mary's designs.
I am not sure at all what I will be doing with all these designs but I am happy as I said to be adding wrinkles to my brain at almost 54. Hmmm you can teach an old dog.. who'd have thunk it? Mom said the one they rented was silver and at first I wasn't going to make one that color but I may change my mind as it might mean more to my dad. Every little girl no matter how old she is should have such a wonderful dad. I am truly Blessed. Happy Crafting Y'all! Blessings Sharalyn

Kit Used:
Trailer designed by Sharalyn Morgan

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card stock: Aqua, Sea Foam Green, Latte, Chocolate, Black, White, Concrete
Echo Park Card Stock EveryDay Eclectic Kraft/ Wood
Tim Holtz Candy Stripe Emboss Folder
Recollections Tiny Brads
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive


  1. That is so cute! I really like the back part that opens. You did a very nice job!

  2. Thank you Linda, I am still taking your advice on the rest of this but have a couple of things I will surprise you with in a few days. I'll PM you girl, hugs sharalyn