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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Special Card for Thomas

Hi Y'all!!!!!!!
Boy did I miss you!
We took a much needed vacation to the mountains as some of you know and spent about a week in the coolness of Big Bear. One of my favorite places to go. I celebrated my 54th birthday up there and could not believe what came out of my hubs mouth! He said I would be 60 in 6 yrs, What? when did that happen???? LOL anyway, we had a wonderful time and I knew when I got back I needed to get cracking on my grandson Thomas's birthday card. He is 5 this year! Whoa! no wonder I am getting older, it is my grand children's fault! Just kidding I love those kiddos!

I knew I wanted to do something special for Thomas and happened on an ad with the planes photo in it. Now I have not seen this movie but if you've read my blog before you know I love Disney movies. When I was a young girl I would sit on the floor with a pad of paper and markers and draw for hours. All Disney stuff and actually wanted to work in animation department when I was young, about 14. 

I thought It would be pretty easy to alter a box card from SVG Cuts to make the card I wanted but my husband and his blunt honesty told me I needed to start over. Not in those words but he said no matter what I did to narrow the flaps on the box card it would still look like a box with flaps. Hmph! back to the drawing board so to speak. I remembered Mary's design of the paino box card and thought well that is the right shape. When I looked at it I thought ok I can cut off this cut off that.Then I thought wow it would be easier to just start from scratch and make it all myself, so I did.

Now you need to remember what I tell you about designing when you look at this. I started with shapes, looking at the photo I printed in my printer to "copy" it. I say "copy" because it is NOT an exact match. It looks close enough that my soon to be 5 grandson will not care.
So here is the best I can do on telling you how to put it together. Cut out all the pieces of the box card,  the wings and flaps (yes there is a flap on the back like real airplanes and yes it folds),eyes and accent pieces. Glue the box as you would any box card that Mary from SVG Cuts makes. If you have made the piano it is the flap to a straight side and so forth till you have a square shape. The head of the plane is glued in with the flaps facing the front, but first glue the eyes in place I used the photo to look at where they should be placed then placed the top piece on to make sure I had them in the right place. After your sure it is all in the right place glue it all together.  I will tried to think of a way to make it easier for y'all but I couldn't. I am going to change one piece so it will be all one and then you just use a piece of vellum (color it with pigment ink first then cut on the side you didn't ink it) in the center of the little window. I used a black sakura pen to draw the black around the edge. The white dots on the eyes is a done using a white gel pen. To add a bit of dimension to the eyes I used a darker orange pen and inked around the sides and top of the orange cut out before I glued it all together. The tail piece is designed the same way as the front  only there is a cut out for the tail-fin. Put the flap through the whole and glue the flap to the back facing right. This is so that when you fold the card you are folding the tail-fin to the left. The D is glued the the left side of the fin and the 7 is glued to the right. The tiny pieces on the fin are glued on the fin flush with the score line. Both sides of the fin on my card have the blue accent pieces but that is totally up to you. I glued the blue accent lines onto the silver accent pieces then onto the sides of the plane. Glue the rest of the silver accent pieces in place. Be sure to glue the silver nose piece onto the top of the flap. (I have done the reverse on another card duh) line your propeller onto the lower edge of the nose and poke a hole then insert a small brad to hold it in place. The tag is just glued to the back inside after I wrote on it. here is the part you didn't see. There are two flaps on the back for the moving part of the plane. My hubs says it helps them fly, Thank God for that cuz I already am not fond of small planes. Glue the long part of the flaps together leaving the scored part open to glue to the back of the plane. Think of it as a sandwich the two are glued facing each other so that you have a Y shape the top of the Y will be glued to the back of your plane. Glue the small flaps onto the back sides of the plane above your accent pieces. Now to fold it flat to mail, Bend the nose piece up so that the propeller faces in. Fold the wings up and the tail-fin to the left. The flaps on the back can be folded to the right. I did not make an envelope for it as I usually put cards like this in a bubble wrap envelope I get at the dollar tree. Two for 1 dollar. This is a good value to me as I prefer my cards not to be mangled by the post office machines. Y'all know what I am talking about. :) If you make one of these I would love you to post a picture on my Facebook page or you can email me. This card came out of a desire to make something special for my grandson and as most of you know already God helped me make it. Please be kind if you make one and let the person know it was my design. I do not have a Etsy shop or anything else I just love making this stuff so very very much. Blessings Everyone and Happy Crafting.
Blessings Sharalyn
Here are some photos I hope this helps, please be patient with me I have not made it into a zip yet.

Supplies Used:
American Craft Card stock: White, Black,Sapphire,Concrete,Lagoon,Marine
Recollections Silver Brushed Small Brad.
My Minds Eye Orange Enamel Dot
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

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