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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Thank You Card for Mom (Please Don't Eat the Daisies)

Hi Everyone!!!!

I thought I would switch it up a bit with that greeting, LOL. I wanted to make a card for two people that are special to me in my life, so this is how this card got started. I needed a thank you card for my MIL. She gave me a little birthday check and I was taught to say thank you and she likes to know what I did with the money. I was also making a card for a special friend I have never met in person but talked to often. He is a really sweet guy and near the same age as my own son. He feels often like my son and I truly love his talent and gifts, but that card will not be appearing for y'all but will be special just for him.

I started with the picket fence and remembering the huge Daisies that my mom used to have and how they seemed to me to be wavy hello in the wind at 10. Yeah I do a lot of remembering when I was young, that seems to be the way it is as you get older. Then I thought of that wonderful show I used to watch on TV. It was called Please don't eat the Daisies. I think my favorite part was watching the big dog tromp around in the daisies and mess them up. I do remember the show but not much. So that is where this idea for this card was born from. Yes, I know a long way to go for the card but I got to it finally.;)

Read the instructions first before putting the card together as I jumped the gun on putting on the eyes, sorry about that.
Glue the box form together at the tab then center the fence pieces onto the box form. The fence pieces should be glued with the box edge lining up with the top rung on the fence. Do this to all sides till you have a little fenced box. Glue the flowers and centers to the extra flower pieces then glue those to the one matching the center piece for the card. This is to add stability to the center piece. Glue the flowers with the tabs facing toward the back of the fence in the inside. to make sure the card will fold flat, fold it each way flat to the right and to the left. If a side pops out of place adjust it down a bit. You will need to make sure the flower leaves fit between the rungs of your fence. Choose your sign. I made three that I used my silhouette sketch pens to write on the cards. You can use a stamp if you like and it will fit. I made an extra sign to put onto the front you can use it to write on or stamp on, or you can stamp or write onto the single sign. The extra is for stability if you so desire.
 The little dog is made to look like the dog from the TV show but you can make it any color or pattern you like. The rounded tuft of fur is for his head then there are two pieces for his nose and mouth area. One white or whatever color and one black to make his nose black. I did end up using Black Glossy accents to make his nose and eyes, anyway but the choice is yours. I am sure you could use a white heart and color it with a Copic or permanent marker and make the nose and little black pearls for his eyes. The white part sticking down is his tongue. I used Taffy Smooch to color his tongue, but a pink or red maker would work as well. The legs are put on next and the left (when your looking at it from the top) foot fits into a slight bulge on the bottom next to his hind leg. The right leg is set just a bit off the edge at the bottom.The second tuft is for his chest area and should be put on before you put the collar on, as the tag fits a bit over it. Glue the tail to the back edge of the dog. I used a light grey ink to ink the edges a bit and give it a bit of dimension before I adhered the tail. Now glue the black to the back and all those pieces to the white. I kind of jumped the gun about the eyes but now you'll see where the eyes go and can decide what you will use to make them. The insert with the dog is to  be adhered to the back inside of the fence, flush with the top rung. Make sure when you add your inserts you can fold it either way so that it lies flat. The extra white piece is for the back for you to adhere it to the back of the card so you can write a personal message but you don't have to add it if you don't want to. 
The extra dog and the flower are for you to see how the dog goes together and are not meant for you to cut them. Make the doggie anyway you like leave the tufts off or on patterned paper or not. Your creative and I know it will look cute no matter how you make it. The flower was left that way so if you desired to write something different on your fence piece, you could place the flower on the sign and that would give you a better idea as to where to place your letters to make it fit. Of course you can make it however you like. To me that is the beauty of files like this is you can make it your own. Please use this for personal use only and if someone asks about where you got it send them to me. I would be happy to share. I do not have it is svg form though and do not have a way to convert it. I create on Silhouette DE and use the newest version as I love the new features. I do have it saved in version 2 as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a blessed day and Happy Craftin! Blessings, Sharalyn

 Supplies Used:
Bazzill Cardstock:White,black
American Craft Card stock: Olive, Clay
 Inkssentials Enamel Accents, Black
Clearsnap Smooch: Taffy (looks like a nail polish bottle)
Patterned Card stock from Stash


  1. once again I smiled ...and smiled even more when I read "I do have it saved in version 2" (now where, how, etc) I am so 'skeered' of V3 or maybe it's of any change!

    1. Hi Trena,
      I am happy to hear your smiling. I will send you the zip through a message. Blessings dear one. Sharalyn

  2. Your card is darling. I also remember that TV show, also enjoyed the dog romping in the flowers! I don't see a link for your file, where is it?

    1. Well there is were I need a little geek help, I am new to all this so I don't have a link on there. But message me on my facebook page( same name) Shara's paper creations and I will send it to you through the message part. Thanks and if you know how to attach the link I am all ears. Blessings, Sharalyn