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Monday, February 15, 2016

Never Under estimate Your Imagination!

Morning Y'all,
Katie Smiley always sends me pictures of cute owls, she knows how much I like them. This time she sent me one that happened to come just when Leo from the Dreaming Tree released a free Valentine Luminary. I looked at it thought is was cute and then it happened, I turned my head sideways. My brain starting right then and their creating an owl using all the cuts from this Luminary. I used only those and one other shape from my shape files then of course the text tool. I know I am late with this but feel you could use this anyway by changing the words. Celebrate an Anniversary or a Wedding, how about a new bundle of Joy and yes of course a friendship or birthday. The only limitation is your imagination and we all know how much you have of that!

I used the shape of the box from the svg file and un-grouped and released compound path. Then I moved the box shape out of the way so I could play with the other shapes in the box. Using the outline of the half heart I made those the wings. I took the small full heart (I liked the shape) and used it for the tummy feathers. Then using the elongated heart I made the beak. There were small circles I made larger for the eyes then I made a cat eye shape using an oval and double clicking to adjust the nodes. Each node can be made into a corner then moving the blue node boxes up or out or in can change the shape of your oval to be more of the cat eye that I achieved. What I can tell you is don't be afraid to play with it as it can be undone by clicking on the undo button. If you aren't sure which one that is it is the backward arrow but putting the cursor over it a text box will come up telling you that is the undo button. Leo goes into great detail with this on SVG cuts Tutorials. Check them out as that is how I learned to do a lot of this stuff. I then welded the shape into the circle and I had an owl eye.

I used the same heart outline to make the "ears" and the tuff for the top of the head. The feet and the back feathers are the half hearts. I tried to make sure the wings on the front lined up with the wings on the back by placing one half of the box over the other and adjusting as needed.
Various sized hearts were used from the box to place around the sides and the words. I made vellum inserts using the shape of the box to adjust to fit perfectly. I used a extra "beak" heart to take a small "cut" out of the front vellum so that the beak would be free of vellum. I also used an extra "wing" to do the same at the sides of the box edges where you would glue so the edges of the box would not show through the vellum.
You will have to move the box shape back into place and you will also have to regroup your score lines for your box. 
The bottom of the luminary is from the free SVG on Dreaming Tree site. I will put a link to it on the bottom of this post as well as a list of the sizes and what they were used for at the bottom of this post.

I know this is very ambitious for some and some will look at it and say no way I can't do that ... But what if you tried??? What if you tried and you could do it? Who would know if you messed up? No one.. but you might find that you love designing as much as I do and you might want to try more.. Practice and try because if you don't you'll never know if you could.
Have a wonderful day and Happy Craftin' Y'all!
Many, many Blessings, Sharalyn

3dsvg files used: 
Valentine Tea Light Holder

Owl Front Sizes:
Beak: W 0.296 x 0.413 H
Ears: W. 0.787 x 0.507 H
Tummy Hearts: W 0.223 x 0.201 H
Feet: W 0.232 x 0.224 H
Wings: W 0.840 x 1.302 H

Owl Back Sizes:
Wings: W 0.840 x 1.32 H
Back Feathers: W 0.291 x 0.278 H
Tail Feathers:  W 0.290 x 0.347 H
Tuffs: W 0.365 x 0.235 H
Large Heart ( Be Mine): W0.533 x 0.514 H

Supplies used:
Simple Stories: Sweater Weather Collection
Bazzill Card Stock: Mud Pie
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Designer Addition
Silhouette Cameo

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