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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vintage Radio Box

Hi y'all,
I love old tunes and get so much joy from listening to them. I saw the Opaline Fragrance box from Myrcella's Vanity Kit and it reminded me of an old radio. I knew I needed to explore my thoughts more about this and from someone's comment on my photo I am glad I did. It looks like I did a lot of fancy altering but I promise it is minimal. So put some Glen Miller on and lets get to creating!

I have converted the files I made to svg files and that took some doing as Silhouette doesn't make it easy, but perseverance pays off and I have the files for you. You will need to make the box bigger to make it the size I made it. I will list the sizes below. t
There is one you will need to adjust yourself it is the bottom of the box itself. So lets get to making some music.

Bring the base-top-bottom-turquoise onto your mat, ungroup and release compound path. Now click on cut settings so you can see the outlines of the box. Choose Scale window and un-check the box that says lock aspect. Then enter the width 10.398 and the height at 6.357. Use the line tool and draw a short line just above each score line. I turn on the cross hairs so I can make sure I am getting it straight. Click on each line and change it to a score line using the line style tool at the top of your page. Adjust the lines to either shorter or longer depending on what you need. You will want it to look like two extra score lines. Do this for the back of the radio as well and while your there delete the three cut out windows and add a 1 inch circle at the lower right side for the plug in lights if you have them. If you don't have these lights leave the circle off and use battery operated tea lights.

Bring the vents svg or studio file ( depending on which cutting format you needed) onto the front of your radio bottom box. Center them over the large cut out window below the two score lines you added.  Click on the body of bottom_front_box and holding down the shift key choose each window and the vents svg or studio file leaving the score lines un-chosen, chose the modify window and subtract. All the vents and the three windows in front should now look as they did  when you brought the file onto your mat. Draw a box around your bottom front panel and right click to group your score lines.  Group everything on your mat and cut out your base out of your desired cardstock. Save your cut outs for the top of the box as you will emboss and ink them later.

Bring your decorative_panels_pattern_1svg. onto your mat and ungroup. Move both of your squares off the side. Using the decortative_panel_radio  svg or studio file and one of the panels for the lid cut out of patterned paper. I cut the other panel for the lid and the strip that goes across the top using solid card stock. I embossed the panel across the top with cuttlebug musical notes and inked it with brilliant copper ink. I did the same to the center cut out of the lid and all the ones that are cut out on the back. Glue your solid lid frame to your solid accent panel then after you have embossed and inked all the cut outs from the back panel glue each one into place on the back.  Don't forget to cut the top_liners_turquoise for the lid construction. Then glue those onto the lid as Leo instructs in the video for the Opaline Box from Myrcella's Vanity Kit.

To make the bottom of the Radio glue the clear acetate onto the reverse side of your patterned panel. I used Stampin up Cardstock vellum and cut the vellum out of that and either using pigment ink, permanent markers or your printer make the vellum a soft yellow on one side only. Turn it over and adhere your red vinyl onto the vellum making sure there is room to glue the vellum to clear panel around the edges. (your vinyl should be sandwiched between the clear plastic and the vellum) Glue all of that to the inside of your box front. Now glue the box together. Ink and glue the outside frame to the front of your box.

Cut and glue the base together adding ink sides as well. Try not to add ink to the top of your base as it is not needed and makes it harder for the glue to stick to your box bottom. Center your box bottom onto the base and glue in place.
 Make 21 -1inch circles and glue all but the last one together. The last one emboss and ink first then add it to your circle pile, this will be your knob. Glue to the front of your Radio using my photo as and example of where it should go.  The final touch was to add the orange rhinestone to the front as a light indicator.

If you have the plug in light insert the cord through the back and set the lights inside. If you have tea lights instead I used three of them to get the light to show. I ordered the one with the cord on amazon but didn't see it doesn't come with the adaptor till after it came. (roll eyes) I will be ordering the cord and waiting for it to come now. That is my Vintage Radio and I hope you like it. I would love to see photos of your versions. You can post them on my Facebook page Shara's Paper Creations or Dreaming Tree's page or Paper Crafting With Electronic Machines. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' y'all!
Blessings, Sharalyn

I was not able to attach the files to this post or add them to my page as I do not know how. I tried for over an hour to figure it out. the files have been uploaded to Paper Crafting With Electronic Machines. I ask that you not give or sell my files. Thanks for understand. Sharalyn

Myrcella's Vanity Kit

Supplies Used:
Bazzill CardStock: Mud Pie
Echo Park: Jack and Jill Collection- Bicycles
Stampin Up Card Stock Vellum
Clear Acetate: overhead projector sheets
Red Vinyl
Brilliant Copper Ink
Yellow Pigment Ink
Cuttlebug: Musical Notes emboss folder
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Silhouette Studio, Designer Addition
Silhouette Cameo

Sizes Base of Box:
bottom_turquoise_back&front: W 10.398 x 6.357 H - cut one each
bottom of Box: W 6.395 x 3.195 H- cut one
bottom insert of box: W 6.395 x 3.195 H -cut one
lid frame: W 3.518 x 6.631 H -cut two
center of lid: W 4.881 x 11.323 H- cut one

Sharalyn's Design freebies
patterned front panel: W 6.255 x 4.741 H- cut one
acetate front panel: W 4.324 x 2.927 H-cut one
vellum front panel: W 4.324 x 2.927 H - cut one
outer front frame: W 6.234 x 3.056 H -cut one
vinyl: W 3.709 x 1.936 H- cut one
radio vents:  W 2.143 x 0.654 H Insert onto front panel see instructions above