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Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Beauty and Reflection of Autumn

Hey y 'all,
It has been so hot and muggy here and just plain not fun! I have not been in my craft room very much although you will have to wait till September to see what I made recently. My craft room is a disaster! I plan on cleaning it up today so I can make another very large mess.. Anyhoo. I made this lantern last month.

There were a ton of firsts for me in this lantern that I made. I leaned how to make my own paper. I also learned that I could change the background paper color in my photo program for paper you print yourself. I made my own 3d tree and leaves. Now leaves are not that hard to make and the tree really wasn't either it was just a lot of trial and error. It looks really great and I love it but next time I will use wire in the branches or put less leaves on. The leaves weighted the tree branches down and gave them an angle I didn't like. Most of this is trail and error and next month I will share with you a couple more trials and errors. My mom says "how will you know if you dont' try"? Good question and since I grew up with this mindset y 'all get to benefit from it.

This lantern is called  "Autumn Lantern" the Artists name is Corina, She has a page called Creatieve papier Uitspattgen. As much as I can gather she is Dutch. Google translates her words as best it can so I do not know from her own words. She is a very creative artist and quite talented. I love well made detailed designs and she really does do them quite well. I paid for this file, but if you join her Facebook page and make one of her files then post it before the end of the month she will give you the freebie for that month. This month it is a hanging lantern. Hurry though, you only have till the end of the month to make and post something though or you will not get it for free. If you look for the paragraph were she explains how to get the freebie there is a link that you can download designs she has made for free. Make one of those and post before the end of the month. Make sure you post for the (put that months name in) freebie.  It is a complicated design and as she says in her own words not for a beginner.
 UPDATE: Cornia is no longer adding people to her Facebook group as someone did not respect her wishes and not share the file. Therefore you will need to purchase her files on her blog.

I printed on my Stampin Up Cardstock Vellum with a paper from Snapclick Supply. This is were I pay for and download a lot of my paper collections. I had changed the background to white so I could print the vellum without a color just the leaves. Then I changed it again to compliment the paper color I used. I had wanted to use a light inside the tree to shine on the leaves and give them a glowy look but it was to tall for the lantern. Maybe in the future I will find one that would work for that. I really would like to find even smaller lights or light strings that reflect something you would use in a village. I will have to keep hunting. The fairy lights are attached at the top of this lantern to shine down on the tree. I used a permanent ink pen to color the lights on the string with orange. This gave the lantern a warmer glow.  This lantern speaks to me in so many volumes. The beauty of the fall and in my mind, the Lord. He has made everything perfectly. This lantern that Cornia Created is both beautiful and delicate. I made one for my daughter as well but really need to take another crack at what she was desiring. While pretty and she likes it, it is not exactly what she loves. I need to do more research to find just the right element to help me achieve her desired lantern. While I usually post about Dreaming Tree or Svg cuts I have to admit the complicated designs of Corina are intriguing me. I still love both other companies I am just on a Creatieve papier kick.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. My apologies for not getting this done sooner it has been quite a month for me. Busy, Busy, Busy. I think I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the slower pace of Winter! Blessings to you all! Sharalyn

Happy Craftin' Y'all!!!!

I have been asked where I got the lantern pattern and Facebook will not allow me to share it saying it is unsafe. It is not... so here is the link to her blog.

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