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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chocolate Bunny

Happy Sunday!!!
Everyone has a crafting style whether they know it or not and I certainly have mine. When the new bundle came out from Dreaming Tree I knew I had to put my own spin on that egg bunny. I did and I hope you like him. He is from the Easter Frolics SVG Bundle.

I started with his eyes, a simple change really. I ungrouped and released compound path, turned the eye up with the lashes on the top outer edge at an angle and choosing both the outer and inner eye clicked on it to make a compound path. Duplicate it and flip it horizontally.

The next alteration evolved his arms and hands. I added an extra node with a corner affect onto his inside wrist so he had more of a wrist to me.  I thickened his arm a bit then added an extra node to the back of the upper arm just under the shoulder. Look at your own upper arm and see that it dips in just a tad before it extends down to your elbow. This is why I added the node. To give it that tiny dip.

The hair on his little head was next. Just a tiny movement of a few nodes in a bit to give the hair a bit more movement so to speak. I duplicated it to put another piece to the top portion of his head as I don't do bows on the tops of boy heads. It wasn't going to be covered otherwise so he needed another hair piece. This time I made the peaks of the waves much less. Adding dark brown pen for lines of hair as well to this piece.

His nose was a tiny bit triangular for my liking, so I deleted a few nodes on the lower sides of either of his mouth line and it softened the nose to more of an oval.

For his teeth I made to rectangles and overlapped them at the top the welded them together. I got teased a lot when I was a kid because I had two big front teeth. Well I grew into them but a bunny just needs the teeth to me. I clicked on the bottom node on one side and made the bottom line a rounded line. Do the same at the top but this time use the control bars on the nodes to make it a inside curve. Save it duplicate it and weld one over the tongue just under the smile. Cut the top teeth out of white and glue over the top of the black teeth. I used a C3 Copic Marker to shade the inside of the teeth a bit.

The last thing I altered was making a small oval for the tummy  to go under the carrot. I know that the brown was supposed to be his tummy but I needed to go Whimsical all the way. I can't do it half way I wasn't taught that way. "If Your going to do something, Do it Right" (Mom Quote).

I printed my dot paper using Echo Park Dots and Stripes Winter. I liked the brighter blue. Easter always has brightly colored eggs and my egg couldn't be any different not if it belongs to me LOL.
I cut my base of my egg bunny making him a chocolate bunny which my grandson and I share a smile over. He used to call chocolate milk  Chocolate Bunny. A thing that eluded me till I looked at the Quick Bunny on the package, He was indeed a chocolate bunny. Wise grandson I  would say.
I used Cinnamon Bazzill Card stock for my bunny but without the Quilted embossing folder he just looked to plain. I added brown "stitching" to the edges of my bunny using a Stampin up Chocolate Chip Pen. I used Mocha Divine Bazzill Card Stock for the base. I really didn't make this up or plan on these names of the products being like this but it is funny eh?

I embossed the tail as well as doing stitching around the edges. To make the tail the way I did I centered each scalloped piece in the center of my virtual mat and cut the scalloped piece in half using the knife tool. Using a rectangle the same length of my cut I welded the rectangle onto the edge of the scallop. Click on the nodes and move the two end pieces to angle as you have seen these tabs many times when you glued 3d pieces. Draw a score line and center it to the edges of your cut scallop. You will put this flap through the slit you will make in the large tail piece. Repeat this process for the small one and make a duplicate of each. Cut slits in the large piece with the larger half scallops in the center. Glue your tail onto your egg back or use 3d zots. I used the Zots.

I adhered the butterfly to the side of the egg by his hear as if he were whispering into the bunny's ear. I decided today that I would add the white dots for the eyes using Ranger White enamel and Black Enamel for the freckles. There was a slight mishap and I dragged my pinky nail into the wet black freckle so he got side pieces to his mouth and a few more freckles than I intended. Oh well, roll with it right? Anyhoo that is my take on the egg bunny and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave me a message if I confused any of you with my instructions. Thanks for stopping by on this cool but sunny Palm Sunday. Many Blessings and Happy Craftin' Yall! Blessings, Sharalyn

Bazzill Card Stock: Mocha Divine, Cinnamon, Black Bird
American Craft Card Stock: White, Apricot
Doodle Bug: Orange Print
Echo Park: Dots and Strips Winter Collection: Artic,
Stampin UP: Light Pink Print
Ranger: Enamel Accents: Black, White
Pearlescent Chalk for the cheeks
Copic Marker C3
Orange Gingham Ribbon from Stash
3d Zots
Tonic Funky Glue
Silhouette Cameo                                                      

Ignore the green cast on the one side of the bunny photos, Opie the 16 lb Maine Coon decided he needed to blog the light.

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