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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Flowers For Juanita

Hey Y'all,
I hope your having a great day and that your staying warm. We are finally getting some winter weather here. I know it wont last as our trees and plants are already getting their leaves.

I was on the Paper Crafting with Electronic machines today and saw an original design that sparked an idea for a card for my best friends birthday. I know she will like it as she likes everything I make even the not so hot stuff lol. Anyhoo lets get started. My new machine has not shipped yet and I am still struggling a bit with remember how to use SCAL so I used the silhouette program to create the card. I had until the 7th to get this done and I still have two more cards to make one will be easy but the other will take some thinking and designing yet and that one is due on the 8th. Lets get started.

Start with the egg crate box card from Easter Box Cards SVG Kit. Make a duplicate of the center piece from the egg crate box. Using the knife tool cut the handle off of the box card center piece and the eggs in the middle of your other piece. If you aren't sure you cut the eggs of straight then double click and make the nodes (small grey boxes) show up. Delete the extra nodes until you have a straight line to the edge. Using the extra top portion you cut off weld it to your center piece with the eggs removed. I use align tool to make sure I have it on there straight. If you don't get it on straight the first time click undo and try it again. Group that piece and set aside.

I decided I wanted to make the card a bit more 3d that the first version I made. I duplicated another center portion and cut the handle off. Using flower bucket from April Avenue SVG Collection made 4 copies, this was to weld two of the buckets to the piece I just created. Set the other two aside to cut out of white. I used a C3 Cool Grey Marker to add shading to the white bucket. Glue the two buckets to your center piece you created.
I used the smallest flowers from Garden Party Box Cards SVG Kit to make my flowers and the next piece. Make a circle .061 wide and take 5 of the flowers arranging them around the circle Weld them together,  making 4 copies total of the piece you just created.  Weld one to the top portion of each bucket. This will be your base for you bucket and flowers. Cut 12 flowers or just cut extras and throw them in your "parts" box. I find it really handy to cut extras. Cut two of your leafy greens out of green cardstock. I used AC Grass Green. Adhere your greenery to the top portion of your bucket. Be sure to line up your greenery with the leaves on the brown center portion. Shape your flowers and glue them onto your greenery. Add your centers using whatever you would like I used some small orange rhinestones. Set  it off to the side.

To make the Awning start with the narrower trim for the egg crate. ungroup and release compound path. This is to remove the center triangles, delete the extra triangles.  Make a rectangle W 4.087 x 0.944. Line up the long side of the rectangle to the trim piece and weld. Add score lines at the edge of your rectangle and about a 1/4 of and inch from the top of the awning. The top score line will be your valley fold and the bottom score line will be your mountain fold, group together. I used the same thin trim and cut it too look like zig zag trim. You can do this with your machine using your knife or you can use scissors after you cut it. Glue your zig zag trim to the edge of your awning and adhere your awning to the top bar of your center piece. I used the Metallic dots to add "nails".

The Sign is just a round rectangle sized at W 2.235 x 0.469 H. You can add holes for brads but I used metallic dots I get at Simon Says Stamp they are made my Hero Arts. I was going to print on the sign but I hand wrote it instead. My new Machine had not arrived yet and I am unfamiliar yet with Print and Cut on my Eclips2. ( it arrived that afternoon.) Glue the sign to the second bar centering it as best you can.

Now for the main part of the card body. I used the wheel from September Afternoon Collection.  I cut two from black then made another copy of the wheel and traced it. The size was W 2.066 x 2.066 H. Make four copies. Arrange the wheel on the lower right side of the egg crate box and weld into place. Do this to both pieces. You will need to remove the holes from the other piece with the straight edge top and flip it before you cut it. I also trimmed about a 1/8 of and inch between the score line in the top of the card body and the zig zag as I felt it was a tad long for the cart. Weld the two pieces back together.  To make the little peg foot on the other side I made a small rectangle and cut the inside corner at the bottom off. It is hardly noticeable it was that small but correct if that were a cart your looking at on the street. That is what I thought anyway. Cut 4 as two will be needed for your panel on the leg. Weld the rectangle to the bottom piece opposite the wheel. Using the other two traced wheels cut those out of your panels colors. I used a slightly darker color brown for mine and though I thought about it I decided not to emboss them with the wood panel look emboss folder. I felt it would not be the appropriate size. Instead I added shading using a dark brown pen to the panels, wheels and the small peg leg for the cart. I used dimensional to lift the panels and brown wheel from the card but you can glue them into place if your mailing. The dimensional do add weight. I will be handing this to my friend so I didn't concern myself with the weight. Glue your Black wheels to the top of each brown wheel and add a metallic dot for the center.

The trim for the edge of the box card is the wide piece of decorative trim. Remove the triangles the same is you did above and cut out of white cardstock. I cut a wide decorative trim using Bazzill Admiral and adhered it to the top of the white piece, then ran it through my emboss machine using a Quilted emboss folder I purchased from A Cherry On Top. Mary mentioned it in one of her tutorials but I really can't remember which. I glued the embossed piece to the top of the box card. Cut 3 and use scissors to trim off the extra on the short edges of your cart.

Continue making the box card as you would normally. If you are new to making box cards follow along with Mary on the video for the Egg crate card when your ready to put your card together.

That is my card I hope you enjoyed it and I apologize for the long post. Trying to remember every thing I did and not make this to wordy can be a challenge. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog post. This card will be given to my best friend tomorrow for her birthday on the 7th. I created this card with her in mind and that is the reason it had to be perfect. She is very special to me and deserves my very best. Thank you again and  Happy Craftin' Y'all!!!
Blessings, Sharalyn

This is a photo of the first draft of the card. I thought you might like to see it.

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