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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Making Time for the Important People in our Lives

Hey Y'all,
I know y'all have people in your life that are just special and my church family are special. Our pastor is one of those people that we feel especially close to. He tells the same corny jokes that my hubs does and makes me laugh. I like that. I know because he told me he likes cards and with  his birthday approaching soon I knew I wanted to make a special card for him. Unfortunately it took me a lot longer than I had planned as I designed the card completely myself. Though this was not in my plan I am pleased with the outcome.  I will add a photo of the card I designed at the bottom of this post but lets get to the clock.

This is where Making Time SVG Bundle comes in from Dreaming Tree. In this amazing bundle are three clocks. Versatility does not describe this bundle! I have seen many amazing versions of this clock but the one that fit perfectly for my pastor was the design Bobby Fort came up with. It is with great honor I present to you my version of the Tick Tock Clock with honor to Bobby Fort for his amazing design. I added a few changes such as the gold frame to tie in the hands and handle. 
 I am making another version of this clock with a few changes to the one I made here. 
 I had white foam core board but I found out later it also comes in black. This works well when you do the cut out for the window. I used a black marker around the edges of the foam core otherwise to make them less noticeable from the outside. Also using a brown marker on the gears to hide the white core of the metallic paper. Little touches like this go unnoticed to most people but it adds a finished look to me and is the reason I do these things.

Start with the foam core board by making a rectangle  on your template. I tried to do this in ecal which I am still new to and forgot to save the size of the rectangle. As a result I do not have the size I used. I also couldn't figure out how to do things quickly in ecal so I resorted to using silhouette Business addition of which I can save as a SVG.  I can tell you it was about 3 inches wide and about an 1 1/2 high. Make about 3 duplicates or copies of this rectangle . One is to use in your foam core template, one to use in your base and one to make your frame. 
Using one of the rectangles for your template ungroup and release compound path. Holding the shift key select your rectangle, the hole for the clock work and the template then modify and subtract.  Find the clock front base and panel and do the same making sure your openings line up. Don't forget to regroup your score lines to you base. 

Using the offset key I made a frame wider than the one Bobby Fort had done. This was a preference of mine but you do not need to make it as wide if you don't like the look. Set this aside to cut out later.   I had only been able to find a brass, or gold looking handle and although I had a black handled clock work I felt the gold looked much more elegant. I used the gold for my frame to tie in all the metals. While looking for the handle at Michaels I found the small gears over in the Tim Holtz section and really liked the size so they were added to the top left of the clock. I adhered them using Tonic Funky Glue. This was the first time I tried this glue purchased from It was on sale and the tip was similar to the old bottles of Scotch tacky glue. The Funky Glue by Tonic is on sale being the same size as Scotch at the price of 2.30 ea. I was very surprised when the gears stuck to the paper. I usually have to use glossy accents or something of that nature. It is my opinion that this glue is just as good as Scotch. 

To keep dust and the paper gears from getting destroyed I made a "window" using overhead projector transparency. Cut a rectangle slightly larger than your "window".  I purchased my box of overhead transparency many years ago from Staples. It was a bit costly initially but I have used it many times over and I'm not in danger of running out any time soon.  Glue the transparency to the inside of you base before you put the foam core on. DO NOT PUT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CLOCK ON YET. 

 I cut extra gears next in various sizes to use for the inside. I did not have the sizes for this either as Bobby Forts Blog Post was not up yet.  Edge the gears with a brown marker or ink pad to hide the white core of the metallic paper.  Begin adhering the gears to themselves using 3d foam squares or circles offsetting some as you would see in a clock. In some cases I used several foam squares onto each other to add depth. Try them against your window every now and again to make sure your achieving the look you want. I added brads cutting the ends off with wire cutters and adhering them to the center with glue dots.  When you have to look you want secure the gears to the inside wall of your clock. This is where I think I can improve this by attaching a small box to the inside of the clock. That way the whole gear system is contained and you don't need to be concerned about the white foam core edges showing on the inside. I have another idea about how to attach the gears inside the box as well.  Stay tuned, if it works I will write it all up when I reveal my other clock. 

The handle was attached through two cardstock pieces adhered to themselves then glued to the top of the clock.  It would have been better if I had remembered to make holes in the top and secured it through the top of the clock before I finished it. My thought was to strengthen the top with extra foam core or cardstock.  It all worked out. ;) 

Follow Leo's amazing video tutorial on how to assemble this clock and your done. You have a clock that will be a show stopper. Everyone that has seen these clocks I made all said the same thing. "It's a working clock too!"

I made another clock for my best friend for her birthday using the dogwood clock style included in the bundle.  The paper I used was Graphic 45 Botanical Garden. I showed this beautiful paper to my bestie when I purchased it and she admired it greatly. It said something on the paper that I just felt described our friendship. It says "A Cup of Tea warms the soul like a good friend". My Bestie is never afraid to speak the truth to me always in love and I value her friendship. I didn't do anything special for this clock but did use the preview feature when I cut the paper for the center. A feature sorely missing I feel on other machines. I was able to capture the saying without mishap which in the past was very likely.  
Well those are my clocks and I am pleased to report that both clocks and cards I made were well received. Thank you for being patient and waiting for this write up. I had a full week and was still tired from last week on Monday this week! I know y'all have had weeks like that as well. Pastor Tom's card took extra time and while a gave him the clock I told him I still had a card coming for him. He said oh? My reply was I am picky to which I was rewarded with a smile. I also attended a small beautiful wedding this weekend and I will enclose a photo of it as well. The kit I used is Orchid Events SVG Bundle
Here is Pastor Tom's Birthday Card.
I need to do some tweaking to the design still but would like an opinion. Would you want to purchase this card design for a small fee? The money would help supply my paper habit and bring you great designs. Leave a comment below and let me know if your interested in purchasing this box card design. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and Happy Craftin' Y'all!!!!    Blessings, Sharalyn

Supplies for Tick Tock Clock

Graphic 45: Steampunk Spells
Bazzill Cardstock: Blackbird
Recollections Foil Paper: Copper and Gold
Recollections Copper Brads Medium
Tim Holtz: Handles and Gears
Brown Marker
Transparency: Staples
Glue dots and 3d foam squares
Tonic: Funky Glue
Sizzix Eclips Cutting Machine: SVG Tools

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  1. Amazing job Sharalyn! Love your take on the tick tock. I'm honored to have you do a take on my version. I know your Pastor will love it. I look forward to many more of your projects to come.